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Good and Cheap, Leanne Brown

Good and Cheap is een (Engelstalig) kookboek met gerechten die je maximaal 4 dollar kosten (3,15 euro). Het kookboek van Leanne Brown was het eerste kookboek dat via Kickstarter gefinancierd is, en de digitale versie is gratis te downloaden. Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures. In a perfect world, healthy and delicious food would be all around us. It would be easy to choose and easy to enjoy. But of course it’s not a perfect world. There are thousands of barriers that can keep us from eating in a way that nourishes our bodies and satisfies our tastes. Money just needn’t be one of them. Kitchen skill, not budget, is the key to great food. This cookbook is a celebration of the many delicious meals available to those on even the most strict of budgets. Bron: Leanne Brown Formaat: PDF Klik hier om dit boek gratis te downloaden.


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