Wordt ‘Zomerhuis met zwembad’ ook een hit in de VS?

Met zijn boek Het diner brak Herman Koch door in de Verenigde Staten. De roman bracht het zelfs tot een notering in de bestsellerlijst van de New York Times. Vandaag verschijnt zijn nieuwe boek Summer house with swimming pool in de VS. Wordt dit opnieuw een hit? Nieuwssite Huffington Post tipt het boek alvast als ‘great book to read this summer’. Een greep uit de eerste internationale recensies van Summer house with swimming pool. Kirkus review: A sly psychological thriller lurks within this pitch-dark comedy of manners, yet its ending manages to raise far more questions than it solves. Publishers Weekly: Although Koch, by his own admission, is not a mystery writer, he once again succeeds on that count without ever stinting on literary quality. And though it’s a bit too long, make no mistake: very few real-world events will distract readers from finishing this addictive book in one or two sittings. BookPage: Koch has assembled all the elements for a good summer thriller, but his style is a bit unsettling. Just when you begin to connect with the characters, he zooms wide and you lose focus. It’s fun to peek inside the windows of the rich, but it’s frustrating to be kept outside, and these characters never really let you in. They’re always hiding something, and just like in The Dinner, the real mystery here is the human condition. Summer House with Swimming Pool describes a world where hopelessly damaged people live perfect-looking lives, where all is not as it seems, and where the shadows overtake the sunshine. One thing’s for sure—Koch is not afraid to take us to the dark side. Naast Huffington Post zet ook Bustle het boek in het lijstje met beste nieuwe boeken: Loaded with acute, disconcerting social observations, Koch’s sharp, psychological thriller is one every reader should get hold of — or risk being excluded from the epic conversation that will undoubtedly ensue in its wake.


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